Your First Week

At the completion of your first week with rtCamp, folks should be familiar with processes, communication tools, and people at rtCamp.

By now, you would have briefly met your team and manager, who would have initiated your job-specific orientation. Below is a handy checklist of things to cover during your first week at rtCamp.

Company Policies

Your first week is a good time to familiarise yourself with the company policies and understand how rtCamp functions. We have a range of personnel policies that will help you gain clarity on your rights within the company and explore the roadmap of benefits and opportunities that rtCamp provides.

As you go through the week, you can browse through the policies and benefits in the Working at rtCamp section.

Meeting your colleagues

You would have already interacted with the HR team during your onboarding on the first day. The HR team is there to support you through your onboarding process and address any obstacles or queries that you might have.

You would have touched base with your manager in the first two days of your week. In the first half of the week, you would most likely be introduced to your entire team. You will also receive invitations for recurring team meetings and granted access to the necessary systems required to perform your job.

Based on your department, you can reach out to relevant colleagues that you will be interacting with and complete introductions during your first week.

Systems accessibility

  1. Updating time entries
    1. It is very important to log your time entries in Everhour by the end of each working day.
    2. Please read through the section on Time Entries for more information.
  2. Slack
    1. Slack is our primary mode of communication. If this is the first time you are using Slack, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the various features associated with this application.
    2. Please review our tool guides to accustom yourself to using Slack. This will also inform you of the various channels we use and their purposes.

Slack spotlight: For your first week, an important channel on Slack is #help. Here you can request help on any queries or issues that you are facing, by tagging the respective users or user groups. You are most definitely going to receive the help you seek out

Feedback Process

Continuous Feedback 📈

At rtCamp, we believe in receiving and giving feedback every step of the way. During the probationary period, we follow a continuous feedback loop on a fortnightly basis.

If you have a reporting team, you will be notified every fortnight to provide feedback. If you do not, you can expect to receive feedback every fortnight about the work you do. This feedback loop allows all rtCampers to follow a path of continuous performance improvement and gain real-time insights and actionable suggestions on an ongoing basis.

Quarterly Performance Feedback

In addition to our continuous feedback loop, we have performance management processes in place to support you in reviewing your job performance. You can review our Performance Management for this.

We wish you a happy and productive first week at rtCamp!