Your First Day

If you’re here, it’s probably your first day or you are just curious to know how your first day at rtCamp would look. Irrespective, we’re grateful that you chose (or considered) working with rtCamp. 🙌

By this stage, all new rtCampers will have completed the pre-joining activities and have received a Calendar Invite to kick off their engagement with rtCamp.

💡 The invite would be addressed to your personal email, used in the job application form

Meet with the Human Resources Team

Please access the Zoom link in the Calendar Event to connect with rtCamp’s Human Resources team at the time mentioned on the invite.

During this call, you will receive a warm welcome to rtCamp along with a brief walkthrough of the organization and the various systems you would be interacting with during your time at rtCamp.

Access and configure your accounts

During the same call, you will receive access to rtCamp’s GSuite, enabling you to access various other accounts such as Everhour, Slack, 1Password, ERP, and Zoom, among other applications through SSO/Google login. Additionally, we will link your personal GitHub account with rtCamp, allowing you to access various projects within rtCamp.

ERP is rtCamp’s HR Platform and can be accessed from There will be some tasks assigned to you (in your ToDo List) such as enabling your Slack, calendar integration, setting up 2FA for various accounts, etc. You can complete this as you progress through the day.

Meet your Manager

While you continue setting up your accounts and complete the tasks assigned on ERP, your Manager will connect with you over Slack. Details about your daily work, and familiarization with the deliverables, will be provided during this interaction.

In rtCamp, individuals (Developers, QA) are distributed across various pods, usually led by a Project Manager. You will learn more about pods as you continue reading through the Handbook.

Connect with rtCamp’s socials

Be the first to hear of any public updates and announcements by connecting with rtCamp’s Socials.

Connect with your Buddy

The rtCamp Buddy Program assigns you an rtCamper who has been with the organization for a considerable time and has volunteered to guide you during your initial days.

Your interaction with your Buddy is informal by design, and you can reach out to them at any time with your doubts. During interactions, a buddy will touch upon areas that will help you come up to speed, help you learn about rtCamp’s work culture, and organizational structure, provide initial handholding, and in general make you comfortable with the new environment.

A buddy is typically designated to you for 2–3 days from(including) the date of joining, which can extend up to 5 days in some cases. A buddy may not have all the answers to your questions – and if such a scenario is to arise, they will always point you to the right people.

Compliance documentation

rtCamp hires across the world and is compliant with the local requirements of every country we operate in.

To ensure that neither you nor rtCamp run into any legal scrutiny, we have an additional touchpoint towards the end of your day. During this call, the Human Resources team will help identify the required documentation for your engagement and help you complete it while reviewing the accuracy of these documents.

  • Briefly, these documents could include issuing your Appointment Letter, Terms of Employment, Authorisation Form, Provident Fund Form, W8BEN, etc.
  • Please note, that it’s not necessary for you to fill each of the above forms, only the ones relevant to your engagement model will be requested.

Taking breaks

rtCamp is a globally distributed team of over 180 talented individuals. Each of us has flexible work timings, and we design our own schedules to ensure we stay productive.

You do not need to inform anyone or seek permission to take a break during the day. We only expect that you:

  • Update your Slack status when away and add a tentative time of your return
  • Keep your tasks and stakeholders updated on your progress
  • Be present for scheduled meetings, or drop a note to the attendees in case you can’t make it due to something urgent

Setting up your email signature

It is important to have consistent email signatures setup for all rtCamp emails as it is the primary medium to communicate with partners, clients, and external stakeholders.

At rtCamp, we have a single format for email signatures. Please read through the rtCamp Email Setup Guide and complete the outlined configuration.

Links: rtCamp Email

Working remotely

For many new rtCampers, this could be the first time working remotely. While the benefits of working remotely are immense, the initial setup could be tricky and affect your overall productivity.

For this purpose, we have put together Working Remotely — a summary of tips and guidelines (from personal rtCamper experiences) that will help you ace your remote role.

Links: Working Remotely