rtCamp Email – Setup

Your email credentials must have been created by the HR Team.

Setting up your Email Signature

Go to Gmail > Settings > General Tab. Make sure you set your email signature in the following style.

Please note, that you need to use CTRL + SHIFT + V or CMD + SHIFT + V when pasting text copied from the following box. Otherwise, the background color will also get added.

<First-Name> <Last-Name> | <Job-Title>
rtCamp | <https://rtcamp.com>

Formatting Rules

  • The approved font is Sans Serif and the size is Normal
  • Background colour: White (RGB (255,255,255)), Text colour : Black (RGB(0,0,0))
  • Check the box for Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "–" line that precedes it.
  • Make sure you have two dashes (–) on the first line.
  • Make sure you replace example content with your information
  • Extra lines can be used for skype username, phone number, and Twitter handle. Please do not add your personal website.
  • Follow the steps below and remove any extra formatting.

Do NOT use HTML or images in the signature.

  • Ensure that in “Signature defaults”, you select this newly created signature as default “FOR NEW EMAILS USE” and “ON REPLY/FORWARD USE”.

Verify your email signature

Finally, attach a screenshot of the email signature to the onboarding task assigned through ERP.