Setting up your Gravatar

What is a Gravatar?

An “avatar” is an image that represents you online—a little picture that appears next to your name when you interact with websites.

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. You upload an image and create your public profile just once, and then when you participate in any Gravatar-enabled site, your Gravatar image and the public profile will automatically follow you there.

Steps for setting up your Gravatar:

Step 1:

Visit and click on Create your Gravatar.

Step 2:

Once you click on Create your Gravatar, you will be directed to the login/sign-up page.

You can create a new account with your rtCamp credentials or log in with your existing WordPress profile.

Step 3:

Once you’re in, first pick an image of your choice and then add the email you’d like to sync with the image.

In the case of an existing WordPress account holder, all you have to do is add an email and the picture you’d like to sync with that account.
💡 You can add multiple pictures for multiple accounts. However, we request you to sync up the same image with all your rtCamp accounts including Gmail.