Learning Resources (How-To)

About Learning Resource Database

The purpose of the learning resources database is to maintain a list of all resources that we find useful across the different teams at rtCamp.

  • The resources can be books, blogs, newsletters, courses, videos, reports, tutorials, etc.
  • A resource can be useful for a single team or multiple teams at the same time.
  • A resource can be free or paid. Further, a paid resource might be already purchased and available to rtCamper or pre-approved for purchase for one or more teams or everyone.
  • As the resources list is a database, each resource (item) is a Notion Page. The page itself can contain notes, reviews, quotes, observations, etc about that resource to make it further useful.

Use Cases

Team Page

Each should have a Notion page displaying resources meant for them using linked-database view and Notion filters. We already have a “team” column in the database that can be used to create a filtered view personalized for every team.

Career Progression

While we have our own courses and retraining goals, the world outside can teach us a lot. The resources can help progress rtCampers in their career path. Especially, when one is trying to build new expertise across new domains.