Setting up Zoom for Video Calls

We use Zoom for many internal and external calls. All our formal meetings take place on Zoom.

  • Your Zoom ID – This will ideally be your email ID. Example: [email protected]
  • You would receive an invite to join the Zoom team for rtCamp.

We expect you follow some important steps to ensure you have the right access and are doing things in a consistent manner.

Use the Latest Version

  • Always ensure to download and keep the Zoom client you have on your phone or desktop updated.

Zoom Setup and Etiquette

Zoom allows us to work from our homes. We understand that and expect each other to be empathetic and non-judgmental about how people can appear on a Zoom call.

  • On your Zoom profile – ensure you enter your first name at least. Using nicknames, and login handles are not helpful to your colleagues.
  • Do not insist on the camera being turned ON. It is good to have the video on so communication is better. But do not insist on it.
  • Zoom has a feature that can suppress the background noise that is caught by your microphone during voice/video calls. Please ensure you enable it and set it to “High” in cases where you expect higher levels of background noise.
  • Ensure to put yourself on Mute, so inadvertent background noise would not disturb a call.
  • While on a call you can use Zoom Reactions to “Raise Hand” to ask for an opportunity to chime in without disturbing the current flow of discussion.

Zoom Call Backgrounds

Not having a Zoom background is completely fine. Children running into a call during a meeting and family members moving about in the background are totally expected.

We work from home and we want to normalize that informality. But if you want to use Zoom backgrounds, be sure to display your creativity and enthusiasm.

But please ensure the background image is considered “Safe for Work” and also importantly the background is not too bright coloured or difficult to focus on for the person who you are talking to.