Internal Job Transfer

We aim to constantly allocate rtCampers to positions that efficiently leverage their skills while also meeting the company’s overall needs.

💡 Changing positions is encouraged only for roles that exist in rtCamp


  • rtCampers interested in applying for an open position should discuss with their respective manager before reaching out to HR Team
  • HR team will help take you through position requirements and evaluation metrics in depth


  • rtCamper should meet the minimum experience, skill, and qualifications required for the desired role.
  • The rtCamper must be in their current role for at least 12 months and be in good standing before he or she is eligible to apply.
  • rtCampers should have a consistent rating of 3 or above in the previous 2 quarterly reviews.
  • The work record, including but not limited to performance, attendance, efforts to develop skills, and related behavior will be used as valid criteria for determining suitability for a position.
  • rtCamper should successfully clear the regular screening processes associated with the role of interest.
⚠️ IJP is not medium to switch roles if the individual is an underperformer or on a Performance Improvement Plan in their current role.