Conferences and Events Sponsorship

By default, all rtCampers can participate in conferences and events. We always encourage all rtCampers to contribute to the industry events and conferences — including and beyond WordCamps.

You are free to go to any conference, where you do not need rtCamp to sponsor or the conference hosts are reimbursing your expenses. Folks from the community look forward to interacting with speakers during the conference. It is advisable to be present for all (or most) parts of the conference as it’ll help you meet and interact with a larger audience.

As rtCamp is large in size and works to serve clientele across the globe, we need to be mindful about what we can sponsor and how much we can sponsor! Here are some guidelines you can use for conference planning.

Sponsorship Guidelines

Official Representative

  • From time to time, rtCamp may request a rtCamper to travel to certain events as its official representative.
  • All expenses outlined in the Business Travel Policy are extended to official representatives.

Speaker Sponsorship

  • To receive sponsorship as a speaker, it is important that your talk furthers the company goals.
  • To improve your chances, you can simultaneously contribute to areas such are Hiring, Sales, and Marketing. Speaking alone, is difficult to justify the costs involved in sponsoring overseas travel.
  • rtCampers should submit their sponsorship requests in accordance with the guide on Availing Business Travel Allowance.