Business Travel


rtCamp covers your costs for comfortable travel, stay, visa, travel insurance, and incidentals when you are required to travel for work.

Some common reasons for business travel could be (not limited to)

  1. Client meeting
  2. Hiring campaigns / Campus outreach
  3. Representing rtCamp at a conference
  4. Business Development / Sales / Marketing

It is challenging to outline a budget for each city across the world, which could lead to errors and confusion. We have provided general travel guidelines and request the rtCamper travelling to share a budget.

This budget is reviewed by the HR Team and further discussed with the individual, followed by the freezing of the final budget. Bear in mind that budgets are only estimates, all reimbursements are extended on actuals or the allocated budget submitted with payment receipts/invoices.



  1. Accommodation should only be booked from the company card with GST details. Any personal bookings will not be reimbursed.
  2. On many occasions, events have tie-ups with local hotels. These will be preferred as it would allow you to meet with other attendees and also avail of special pricing.
  3. If prices are competitive, Airbnb could also be considered.
  4. If there are other rtCampers travelling, we will request occupancy on a double sharing basis.

Domestic/International Travel

  1. Travel to and fro the destination should only be booked from the company card with GST details. Any personal bookings will not be reimbursed.
  2. All business travel will be covered in the Economy segment or equivalent.
  3. Options such as Trains, Buses, and Flights will be considered, and the most efficient one will be recommended. 

Local transport

  1. For local transport within the city, you can consider available options such as Uber, Lyft, Bolt, Bus, Metro, etc.
  2. On many occasions, public transport is more reliable and convenient.
  3. It is recommended that you use your best judgment while keeping such travel cost-effective.
  4. In case of an existing corporate tie-up with local ride apps in your city of travel, rtCamp will provide you with the credentials to charge these expenses directly to the organization.


  1. For the duration of your official/approved travel, 3 meals per day will be covered by rtCamp. Each meal will be reimbursed up to ₹500 each or at actuals, whichever is lower.
    • Predominantly, a day would consist of 3 meals, i.e., breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    • The maximum daily meal allowance one can avail is ₹1500 when supported with invoices/receipts.
    • In the case of team meals or breakfast included with your stay, no separate reimbursement will be extended for the same.
    • Allowances outside India, will be provided on a case to case basis considering the differences in cost of living.
  2. All meal claims should be coupled with an invoice/receipt from the recipient.
    1. Kacha bills/bank statements, UPI payment screenshots will not be considered for reimbursements

Travel Insurance

  1. We request rtCampers to check the coverage and validity of their existing insurance in the country of travel or get themselves insured appropriately for the duration of the business travel.
  2. An appropriate amount of insurance is usually available on the destination country’s tourism website. If unavailable, please get in touch with the HR Team for further guidance.
  3. If you travel frequently, consider getting multi-trip insurance. You can request assistance from the HR Team for this purpose.


  1. The cost of the visa(s) incurred for travel to a particular destination will be reimbursed by rtCamp.
  2. This cost will be covered even if your visa application is declined.
  3. If you need to reapply for a visa, you should seek approval from the HR Team.

Please note: All reimbursements will be done against invoices only. Kacha bills/Bank statements will not be acceptable for reimbursements. 

💡 The process of Availing Business Travel Allowance can be viewed in the rtCamper Guides.