Useful features in Slack

Ctrl / ⌘ + K

A bread and butter key combination that you will end up using several times a day. Use it to quickly jump between chats and channels quickly, like a ninja.

Pro Tip: Most browser keyboard combinations also seem to work in the Slack desktop client. For example, use the Alt + Left Arrow key to jump back to the previous conversation and Ctrl + Tab to switch between teams


This command reminds you (or someone else) about something by triggering a Slack notification at a pre-defined time. Notifications can be ignored, marked as complete or snoozed.

Type /remind help in any Slack channel for instructions on how to use it (nobody else in a chat or channel can see “/” commands or their results except you).

Some common use cases:

  • /remind me to Ask Nitun about the new feature tomorrow morning
  • /remind @nitun to Tell me about the new feature tomorrow morning
  • /remind #rtmedia to Ask @nitun for new features every month
  • /remind me to Speak to @nitun about our new features in 45 minutes

Refer to for more use cases.