Annual Review


  • All rtCampers receive an Annual Reviews that is usually coupled with a compensation review.
  • This is different from the Quarterly Performance Review as this also aims at Goal Setting and defining objectives for the upcoming year.
  • This review is initiated a month before the year ends since your previous salary revision at rtCamp.
  • rtCamper’s performance recorded through Continuous Feedback and Quarterly Reviews are consolidated as data points.
  • While all rtCampers are eligible for Annual Reviews, salary revisions are solely based on the performance of the individual and are not extended to everyone by default.
Rating Score Performance LevelNarrationProbable Outcomes
5ExcellentMeets deliverables, demonstrates a significant understanding of changing technological advancements and superior subject authorityBest salary increment
Meets deliverables and also demonstrates a significant understanding of changing technological advancementsCompetitive salary increment
3Meets ExpectationsMeets deliverables, but lacks continuous development to stay up to date with technological advancements• Inflationary salary increment
• Realign objectives
For rtCampers with ratings below meeting the expectations of the role, no appraisal will be extended and a PIP may also be initiated

Evaluation Stages Of A Review

A review consisting of a set of scalable questions (parameters) against which performance is evaluated will be initiated through HRMS.

StageActivityTime to completion
Self ReviewConducted async3 days
Manager reviewConducted async7 days
Reviews publishedReviews collected in HRMS, are frozen and all stakeholders receive a copy of the feedbackAutomatically, on completion of above
Manager MeetDiscuss the feedback shared and set goals for the coming year2 days
HR MeetCorrelate the performance feedback into monetary growth and finalize the salary revision2 days
DocumentationRecord the finalized revision across systems and document acceptance of the revision1 day
💡 In case of administrative delays, the effective date of increment will continue to be the anniversary date and not the date on which the appraisal was finalized.