rtCamper Exit Process

rtCamper concluding the engagement

If you are exiting the organization due to any grievances or conflicts, we request you share your grievance with the HR Team and give us a chance to fix things. We are not perfect, and your feedback can help improve your experience and the experience of all other rtCampers.

Upon arriving at the decision to conclude the ongoing engagement, the rtCamper can address an email to the HR Team ([email protected]) conveying their decision. While it is not mandatory to provide a reason, we request folks to do so whenever possible. This helps us address the situation with utmost sensitivity and care.

rtCamp concluding the engagement

rtCamp may communicate concluding the ongoing engagements in cases such as, not limited to:

  1. Consistent low performance
  2. Violation of Terms of Engagement
  3. Changing business requirements
  4. Compliance

In all cases, rtCamp will transparently communicate the reason for discontinuing the engagement to the individual.

💡 rtCamp does not disclose the performance or ratings externally unless required by law.

Notice Period

  1. The notice period of every individual is documented in the Appointment Letter, Contract, or Increment Letters. The notice period mentioned on these documents will be the one applicable to the individual and rtCamp.
  2. rtCamp considers requests for early reliving, however, it is not binding that a request must be accepted.
  3. In cases where the individual does not wish to serve the complete notice period, they must compensate the organization with their salary equivalent for the remaining notice period.
  4. rtCamp will compensate the individual with their salary equivalent for the remaining notice period, in case they do not need the individual to serve the entire notice period.

Time off

  1. Your Paid Time Off balance is frozen upon intimation of your notice period.
  2. Individuals can still avail of Unpaid Time Off during their notice period, however, rtCamp may extend your notice period proportionally to the Time Off availed during your notice period.
  3. No leaves are encashed as a part of the Exit Process.

Exit documentation and final pay

  1. rtCampers will receive all the documents, digitally signed, over email within 5 business days of their last working day.
    • Payout timelines are effective after the documentation is accepted and signed.
  2. The HR Coordinator will reach you on your day at work, to guide you through each step. This meet will be coordinated with the individual directly through email/Slack.
EngagementModelDocuments issuedFinal Pay
rtCamp 🇮🇳Employee• Experience certificate
• Full & Final Settlement
• Past 3 payslips
Month end after your last working day
rtCamp 🇺🇸Employee• Experience certificate
• Full & Final Settlement
• Past 3 payslips
Month end after your last working day
rtCamp 🇮🇳ContractorNAMonth end after your last working day
rtCamp 🇺🇸ContractorNAMonth end after your last working day

Things to ensure before signing out on your last working day:

[Points with 🇮🇳are only applicable to India folks; Points with 🇺🇸are only applicable to US folks]

  1. You have received an acknowledgement of your resignation on email
  2. You have received your Full & Final documentation for your signatures on email. ETA, last working day.
  3. 🇺🇸You have received your final paycheck amount from the HR Team, and have sent the invoice to [email protected], ETA last day.
  4. You have filled in the Exit Survey sent from the HRIS
  5. You have taken a back-up of all your personal documents from rtCamp’s portals, as your data is erased upon your exit. rtCamp won’t be able to recover any of your personal data after your logins are disabled.
  6. You have discussed the handover plan for any rtCamp assets assigned to you.
  7. You update your time entries for all the work you have done, including your last working day. In case of shortfall in entries, the same will be adjusted in your final pay at the time of payout.
  8. Use #watercooler on Slack if you wish to post a farewell message for your colleagues.

Drop a line on [email protected] after you have completed your work for the day and are signing out, indicating we can begin disabling your rtCamp accounts.

Exit Survey

  1. A day prior to your last working day, you will receive an Exit Survey through ERP.
  2. The responses to these surveys are confidential and help us improve the experience we bring to all rtCampers.
  3. Please be objective with your feedback.

Post Exit Support

  1. If you seek support from rtCamp for any reason after your exit from the organization, you can drop your request on [email protected].
  2. All requests are responded to within 5 business days from receipt.
  3. Elaborate your requests as much as possible, with supporting documents (as necessary) to help rtCamp serve you better.


  1. What is the process to change my last working date? 

Every rtCamper is required to serve full notice period as per offered terms of your contract. For further queries, please connect with the HR Team.

  1. What about my hold salary and final settlement amount?

In case your final settlement amount is positive, you will receive the amount payable in the nearest pay cycle post your last working date. 

Last working day < 25 of the month | Payout in the same month

Last working day > 25 of the month | Payout in the next month

The final settlement amount will be shared with you in your Full and Final Documentation. The amount is released on acknowledgement of the same.

  1. What are some possible deductions in the Last Invoice/Full and Final settlement?

All leaves taken in the notice period are considered unpaid leaves and will be accounted for in the full and final settlement. If you have availed the device benefits policy and are separating from the organisation within 12 months from the date of purchase, the entire cashback will be deducted/reversed from the last paycheck/invoice/Full and Final Settlement.

  1. Until when will I be able to access GreytHR/ERP? 

You can access these portals until your last working day.

  1. Who would be the focal to connect after separation? 

One can write to the below IDs, as per your query: 

  1. What is Leave Encashment? How to calculate it? 

At rtCamp we do not have leave encashment. If you have Negative Time Off balance, the amount for the same will be deducted from your Full and Final Settlement on pro rata basis

  1. What happens to my company health insurance? 🇮🇳

Your company health insurance cover is active until your last working day only. Please ensure you have alternate arrangements prior to your last working day.

  1. What is Notice Period Recovery?

In case there is a shortfall of notice period, there would be a recovery for the same under the head “Notice Period Recovery”

  1. What if my Income Tax Payable is negative in the IT Computation? 🇮🇳

In that case, you can adjust the tax with the new employer if you are employed in India or you can claim refund from IT Department by filing your personal IT Return. 

  1. Am I eligible for Gratuity? 🇮🇳

If you have served continuous employment for 4 years and 190 days in rtCamp, you are eligible for gratuity.  If you meet this criterion, the gratuity amount will reflect in your final settlement payslip.

Gratuity calculation = Last drawn monthly Basic / 26 X 15 X no. of completed years. 

  1. When will I get my Form 16? 🇮🇳

Form 16 is prepared after the end of financial year and is sent to your personal email ID in the month of June.

  1. I am a contractor with rtCamp Inc., will I receive a Service Certificate? 🇺🇸

No, contractors do not receive any Final Documentations on exit due to the nature of your engagement. You can use the copy of your contract along with the monthly invoices/bank statement as a proof of engagement.