Time Off (Leave) Policy

Types of Leaves

Types of Leaves (in a year)Count (in days)Applicability
Paid Time off21all except hourly engagements
Maternity Leave182 (26 weeks)all except hourly engagements
Paternity Leave5all except hourly engagements
Fixed Leave4🇮🇳 employees only
💡 rtCamp uses ERP’s Leaves management module to keep track, manage and apply for time off.

  • All confirmed rtCampers receive 21 days of Paid Time Off annually.
  • These are credited to your balance each year on the 1st of April.
  • We follow an annual leave system that starts on 1st April and ends on 31st March of the subsequent year.
  • Any leaves that haven’t been reviewed in 24 business hours can be assumed to be APPROVED. However, you will need to inform your respective PM and team members about the leaves to plan out tasks.
  • In case you need to extend the duration of leave, you can inform your manager and/or HR Team through any medium available to you at that given time.
  • While rtCampers are in their probation period, they will not be entitled for paid time off. However, they can take unpaid leaves when needed.
  • In the case of new rtCampers, your leave entitlement is calculated on a pro-rata basis from your date of confirmation till the year-end. This entitlement is then credited to your leave module of ERP on the date of joining itself.

Maternity Leave

Female rtCampers are entitled to receive 26 weeks of paid Maternity Leave. During which one could opt to work from home as well.

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Paternity Leave

This benefit is extended to all male rtCampers in rtCamp. One is entitled to avail 5 days of paid Paternity Leave.

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Unpaid Time Off

rtCampers can avail leaves outside of Paid Time Off quota in cases where they have exhausted the annual paid leave balance, are in their probation period or are on paid trial (short term).

  • These leaves will be unpaid and your paycheck will be pro-rated for the number of days worked.
  • The prior intimation, extension, and default approval period remain the same as Paid Time Off leave the category.
  • If 5 or more consecutive unpaid leaves are availed, then the weekends will be added as Time Off.

Fixed holidays

26th JanuaryRepublic Day
1st MayLabour Day
15th AugustIndependence Day
2nd OctoberGandhi Jayanthi

General Guideline

1. Leave Expiry/Validity 

  • All unutilized paid leaves by the year-end i.e. 31 March are processed in the following manner:
    • If your billable workload was above 90%, making it difficult to consume your leaves, your leaves will be encashed.
    • For rtCampers who were billable with less than 90% workload and non-billable rtCampers, your leaves will be carried forward. 
  • Encashing means the leaves will be converted to cash considering your salary on 31st March of that year and added to your paycheck in the month of April.
  • For folks carrying forward the leaves, a maximum of 10 days of leaves will be carried forward to the calendar year and the excess balance will lapse. Carried forward leaves expire in one year.
  • You will receive a communication from the HR team at the end of the year about your leave balance status.

2. Unapproved time off

  • Unapproved Leave is similar to leave without pay.
  • However, this type of leave has a negative effect on rtCampers overall performance review.
  • Repeated instances of Unapproved time off result in disciplinary action for the rtCamper. The severity may vary as per the level of misconduct and action could be a warning or even termination of the engagement.

3. Leaves during Notice Period 📝

  • Paid Time Off-balance is brought down to 0 at the start of your notice period.
  • You may still avail of Time Off during this period, however,
    • These leaves will be unpaid
    • In case your time off affects the knowledge transfer or transition, your notice period will be extended in proportion to the time off availed.

4. Leave Application Process – While Working with Client’s Team 📃

  • If you are working with the client’s team you can apply for leaves through ERP and contact the PM/CAM for that client.
  • We request rtCampers to apply for planned leaves at least 5 working days prior to the date.
  • In case of emergencies or medical issues, you can either ping your manager or the Account Manager immediately.

Sabbatical (long) Leaves

rtCampers needing time off from work are expected to communicate their plans to the HR Team. Two possible outcomes that the management will arrive at based on the nature of the request (absence) are:

  1. The rtCamper would be asked to avail a mutually decided short unpaid leave
  2. In situations where the leaves needed are indefinite, the offboarding process will be followed. The rtCamper can reapply for the same role whenever they are ready to resume and start the engagement afresh with us.