rtCamper’s Referral Program

If you are happy with your time at rtCamp, you can refer your friends to rtCamp and earn a referral bonus.

There is no limit to how many people you can refer.

Earn USD 1000 (or INR 75000) for every successful referral + karma 😇 + ❤️


  • Steps to generate URL are given below and a small video as well for the same.
  • Search for Job Opening List in the search bar.
  • Go to the Job for which the Employee wants the Referral Link.
  • Click on the Generate Referral Link button.
  • It will copy the link to clipboard, now Employee can copy it and forward it.


  • Referrals will be captured for anyone applying through your referral URL, irrespective of the position they apply to.
  • You can also refer people to entire site or any other page, e.g. https://careers.rtcamp.com/?ref=00001. You simply need to replace your ERP emp id with “00001” in the URL.

Boosting your referrals through LinkedIn

You can boost the number of folks you refer to each role, through LinkedIn’s Free Job Posting. This helps increase the visibility of your post.


Who can I refer?

  • You can refer anyone in your network. We leave it to your best judgment to refer only to people who might be interested.
  • Nobody likes impersonal spam, so be mindful when sharing your referral links.

When will I receive the referral bonus?

  • The referral bonus is disbursed after the individual completes 6 months in rtCamp.
  • Since this is a referral program, you should be with rtCamp at the time of disbursement.

How will I receive the referral bonus?

  • Depending on your engagement model with rtCamp, it will either be added to your salary/invoice.
  • We will use the currency conversion rate on the payout date to calculate the payout amount in your local currency. (USD to local currency)
  • The bonus payout will be subject to tax based on your local tax regimes.

What if my friend forgot to use the referral link?

  • Sadly, our only way of tracking referrals is through the above process.
  • If the referral link has not been used, we won’t be able to attribute that as a referral to any individual.