Engagement Models at rtCamp

Model/BenefitsIN-E IN-CUS-CUS-E
Citizenship/Country of residenceShould be an Indian tax residentShould be an Indian tax residentCan reside anywhere in the worldShould be a US tax resident with work permits
Medical InsuranceCompany insurance providedNo company provided insuranceNo company provided insuranceInsurance allowance provided
TaxationDeducted at source as per local laws10% tax deducted at sourceNo tax withholding at the sourceDeducted at source as per local laws
Getting paidLast working day of every monthWithin 7 days from submitting the invoiceWithin 7 days from submitting the invoiceBi-monthly on the 7th and 21st of every month
Paid Time Off21 days and mandatory 4 national holidays21 days21 days21 days
Provident FundYesNoNoNo

1. Full Time Employee with rtCamp India

  • Applicable to all individuals with Indian citizenship residing in India.
  • Under this, Individuals will be full-time employees of rtCamp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and will receive all benefits and responsibilities as prescribed by the Income Tax Department for Employment.

Click here to understand the salary components in detail.

2. Independent Contractor with rtCamp India

  • Tailored for individuals on a limited-term agreement, hourly models, etc. holding Indian citizenship residing in India.
  • The individual will not be covered under the benefits and responsibilities of the Labor Department. However, they receive different benefits from taxation.
  • There is a flat deduction of 10% TDS on Gross Income.
💡 This is recommended for folks who have prior experience working as an Independent Contractor or guidance from a CA for filing taxes.

3. Full Time Employee with rtCamp USA

  • Applicable by default to all individuals with USA citizenship or valid work permit residing in the USA.
  • rtCamp offers full-time employment with benefits in the USA through a PEO, XcelHR.

4. Independent Contractor with rtCamp USA

  • Applicable to all individuals irrespective of their country of residence except for countries sanctioned by the USA.
  • For Tax purposes,
    • Taxpayer information is collected through the W8 BEN Form (an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) mandated form) for individuals for reporting purposes and to document their status for tax reporting purposes
    • Please follow this link to understand the W8 BEN Form better