📜 Good Work, Good People.

Everything we do at rtCamp must adhere to two core values Good Work and Good People, further explained below.

Good Work

There are multiple ways to look at “Good Work”. One way to know is to ask – can I do better? Good Work is a mix of delight, legacy, and passion.

Delightful work

There are three kinds of expectations a client would have from our work:

ExpectationDescriptionExampleFeels like
ExplicitThings that are specifically requestedbuild a contact form🙂
ImplicitThings not mentioned separately but expected for overall successTest for security, responsiveness and accessibility😊
DelightThings neither asked for nor expected but are a delight to seeConfigure notifications and formatting, export functionality, and anything to accelerate adoption 🤩


An important part of Good Work is to think of it as your legacy. How well you preserve your work for other people to take it forward is very important.

Developers usually achieve this by commenting codes inline, writing a README, and additional docs capturing their architecture decisions and choices. Project Managers often try to document their decision-making and management style so it can be repeated to scale the organization.

Irrespective of your functional role, it is important that your work can be understood and referenced to benefit others.


Good Work comes from passion. It is work that we are proud of. It’s what brings us to work, it’s what makes us look forward to Mondays.

Like everything else in our lives, our passions and interests can change over time. It is important to stay passionate. Our flexible policies and work culture ensure rtCampers are well supported throughout their journey with the rtCamp. We also support internal job transfer across the organstion.

Good People

We believe people are good. It’s our default.

We believe nobody comes to work thinking that they will do bad work. People always have good intentions and they put in their best efforts. Still, we live in a world full of uncertainties so things can go wrong.

As much as we strive to do Good Work, there are times we will fall short. When that happens, we will accept our mistakes and the consequences resulting from them.

Our efforts will fall short on a few occasions and that is always acceptable. The expectation is to always learn from mistakes. Don’t repeat mistakes, make new ones.

📜 To err is human, to learn divine