About rtCamp

rtCamp began as a blog network in the mid 2000’s, and is now one of the top global design & development agencies. As one of the WordPress.com VIP Gold Agency partners worldwide, rtCamp provides unmatched engineering for some of the largest worldwide brands.

The Founding Team

rtCamp’s Story

Rahul Bansal (Founder & CEO), started writing on Devilsworkshop.org about some of his latest hacks and tips on all things tech. DevilsWorkshop ended up being one the of top technology blogs in India.

During the same period, inquiries started to flow in for website customization and the Blogger platform to WordPress migrations. This led to the formation of rtCamp on 12 March 2009. Since 2009, rtCamp has worked exclusively on WordPress. In fact, all our products and services are on WordPress.

We found our niche in providing WordPress development services to other businesses, companies, and enterprises. Our focus is mainly on enterprises and large conglomerates (especially publishing agencies) as these provide us with the best mix of project complexity, revenue, and scale. 

We also have useful Products, all of which are open-source:

Significance of the name — rtCamp

rtCamp name is a portmanteau of the words rt and camp. Each of which has a deeper meaning of its own. The name alludes to how the company is structured as a round table of equals and a Camp environment of being relaxed, respectful and empathetic.

Let’s dwell a bit deeper into the two words and what they mean for each of us.

rt (Round Table)

People can have different roles, responsibilities, and privileges based on many factors. But they all have equal rights. One rtCamper cannot claim to be more equal than another.

People might differ in their skill proficiency levels but they have equality in their rights to questions not just their colleagues, or managers but right up to the CEO about why or how a certain decision was made. You as a rtCamper, are considered equally whether it’s your 1st day or your second decade in the company.

At rtCamp, questions, suggestions, and feedback are looked into with an objective lens that impacts the company’s growth, culture, and efficiency rather than position or role. The formal hierarchy exists to achieve operational efficiency.


Camp in our name is influenced by BarCamp which itself inherited its unconference style from Foo Camp. The part we liked about BarCamp was the rule which said something like —

If this is your first time at BarCamp, you HAVE to present.

A simple rule like that captured our understanding of equality and round table further. At BarCamp, there are no keynote speakers, there were no privileges. People used to show up and build schedules and conferences in a truly collaborative way.

All rtCampers are encouraged to speak up and share their perspectives, irrespective of their time in the company, and job role at rtCamp.