Buddy Program Guide

There are no familiar faces in the distributed workspace who say “hello” and put the new person at ease. An assigned buddy – is that person who can help check in and guide them around their first day or two.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Human Resources Team:

  • Coordinate and facilitate the entire buddy program.
  • Capturing and collating the feedback from the new joiners and buddies.
  • Orient buddies with roles and responsibilities.
  • Introduce the buddy to the new joiner (with details like name, role, etc)
  • Notify the buddy on completion of induction & onboarding of the new joinee/s in the buddy-program channel on slack.

Hey (new joinee),
I want to introduce you to your rtCamp Buddy (name of the buddy).

Note: This is applicable only if Buddy is present in the onboarding call.

What does a Buddy do?

  • Once you agree to volunteer as a buddy, please join the #buddy-program channel on Slack
  • The new joiners will be announced on the channel by the Human Resources Team, and your responsibilities as a buddy will begin from their joining date.
  • Your role as a buddy will be most active during the first two days of the new joiner’s first week at rtCamp.
  • You as buddy will need to be available for the new joiner during these days from 11 AM IST and schedule the required calls. The first half of the day (11 AM – 2 PM IST) & second half of the day (3 PM – 7 PM IST)
  • You can use this detailed conversation starter kit to ensure the buddy process is followed on your end.
  • Check if they are stuck with their first day and help out accordingly.

Remember, as a buddy, your primary job is to be a friendly presence for someone new who is figuring things out on their first day.

You are not expected to have all the answers – however, you can always point the new joiner to the right people.

Ice Breaker & Conversation starter

You can use this detailed conversation starter kit to ensure the buddy process is followed on your end.

  • Asking questions is great but do not make it sound like an interrogation.
  • Answer some of your own questions to get a conversation started.
  • Keep it as organic as possible.

Good People

Interaction with a buddy is one of the first things a new rtCamper will remember about the company. Live up to our values that are encapsulated with Good Work. Good People.

  • Be nice, approachable, and polite.
  • Do not ask personal questions or discuss personal issues unless they bring it up.
  • Never comment on their background, race, or identity.
  • Never comment on their Zoom call background or the quality of their setup.
  • Never try to crack a joke in an attempt to break the ice. You might never know their circumstances and what they are going through.

As a buddy, you represent rtCamp. Your conduct reflects on the company and how it will be viewed by the new joiner.

How long will a buddy assignment be?

Typically, 2–3 days from (including) the date of joining the new rtCamper’s joining. Can extend up to 5 days in some cases – for which, the Human Resources Team will place a request to you separately.

The idea is, that as a buddy, you become the go-to person for the new joiner – and they should feel comfortable even after the Buddy program to informally approach you and seek advice.