Monthly Townhall

Monthly townhalls help in company communication and provide all rtCampers with team updates. In true rtCamp spirit of transparency, these townhalls help in aligning company goals and understanding the various initiatives and updates in each department. This company-wide meeting is hosted over zoom.

  • Townhall is scheduled on the First Friday; 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. IST, of every month.
  • This includes team presentations, new-joiner introductions followed by a Q&A session and discussion of points shared for the agenda by any rtCamper.
  • The Townhall is also the right place to address any questions, or concerns you may have with regard to any functions within the organization. Questions can be sent over email, slack threads or any communication platform of your choice.
    • You can either propose it for discussion during the Townhall in the message thread, or
    • DM/email your question to HR

A summary of the townhall conducted is then published on our Cafe blog post. Using WordPress comments on the blog post, you can continue any conversation.