Overtime Policy

Summary 🤓

Who is EligibleUpon Request ofTime Approved byOvertime Credited by
All rtCampersManagerDepartment HeadHR Team
  • Engagement models of rtCampers are personalized and the expected daily hours of work are documented in their respective engagement documents.
  • This overtime policy is applicable when the (overtime) work done by a rtCamper is pre-approved by their Manager.
💡 Overtime benefits are never extended shadowing or training purposes

Calculation Method & Payout Timelines

  • Overtime will be encashed on a pro-rata basis at the prevailing compensation of the rtCamper.
  • Overtime pay is a part of your total earnings and may be taxed, depending on your local laws.
  • Overtime compensation is processed in the following month the actual month of the overtime.
    • Example: The overtime for January 2021 will be processed and reflect in your paycheck for the month of February 2021.

Overtime TODO for rtCampers 📝

If you are requested to work for a task/project that may require overtime, please inform the rtCamper assigning the task in case overtime would be required and whether the task/project is approved to have Overtime hours logged.

💡 Please ensure your PM has a report of your overtime hours before the first working day of every month as after which no claims will be considered.