Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

  • A PIP is initiated when the individual is struggling to meet job role expectations or goals even after repeated communication of oversights. Continuous Personal Feedback and Quarterly Reviews become data points for initiating a PIP.
  • Mentorship will be provided to the individual to achieve the goals and expectations of the job role
  • The PIP timeline is set based on the areas of improvement for the individual to allow sufficient time for improvement usually varying from 7 days to 60 days.
  • Before the end of the PIP time period, the HR Team requests the mentor/manager to provide detailed feedback on performance progress thus far.
  • The start of PIP is coupled with the intimation of the notice period, from rtCamp to the rtCamper, as per the employment/contractual clause.

Possible outcomes of PIP

Not meeting expectationsImprovingMeets Expectations
rtCamper’s PIP is concludedWith the rtCamper’s consent, PIP duration is extendedThe rtCamper is removed from PIP
The remainder of the notice period is served and engagement is concludedThe notice period is extended and PIP continued for a mutually agreed durationRegular engagement continues as per the initial agreement and notice period intimation revoked

Process for Reporting Managers to initiate PIP

Reporting Managers are requested to reach out to the HR Team over email addressed to [email protected].

Subject: [rtCamp] Initiate Performance Improvement Plan – <rtCamper’s Name>

Body: Please share as much information about the individual’s performance ideally including the below:

  1. Brief overview of past performance of the rtCamper
  2. Ideal expectations from the role
  3. Areas of concerns, with all available supporting information
  4. Improvement goals
  5. Follow-up schedule of the reporting manager with the rtCamper, along with duration of PIP

A summary of the above will be shared along with the rtCamper to promote transparency and provide an opportunity for measurable improvement in their performance.

💡 At the time of communicating PIP to the rtCamper, the HR Team should also document consequences of inaction, the same should be acknowledged by the rtCamper.