Loans and Advances

Usually, loans and financial instruments across the world are administered by banks. rtCamp does not have the expertise and authorization to extend such financial benefits. If you wish to purchase a house, invest money, purchase a new vehicle, etc. – we recommend you get in touch with your local bank. After producing your engagement details with rtCamp, most banks would readily cater to your needs.

The only exceptions in which rtCamp offers an advance is in medical emergencies, where delay of funds could lead to adverse consequences.

How to request advance funds?

You can raise a Helpdesk ticket through ERP and address it to Human Resources. Based on the urgency of your request, a member of the team will get in touch with you to take this forward.

The HR Coordinator will thoroughly take you through the detailed terms and conditions, repayment schedule, and anything else that could be critical to avail of this advance, before disbursal of the funds.