Configuring 2FA for rtCamp Accounts

While using 2-Factor Authorization (2FA) on as many accounts that offer it is a good idea, there are two services where enabling 2FA is an absolute requirement.

  • Work email
  • And, GitHub account

Set up 2FA for Google Account

Important Note: 
2FA is to be completed on the first day itself, to avoid locking of the account. Account will be locked by the 3rd day, if not completed.

Step 1

Login to your rtCamp’s Google Account on “

Step 2

Click on the “Security” tab in the left sidebar, then click on “2-Step Verification”.

Click “Get Started”, enter your phone number, enter the 2FA code you receive on your phone.

Step 3(Optional but highly recommended)

Click “Backup Codes” on the page you land right after the earlier step. Download these backup codes and save them to a safe location( probably not your email 😛 )

Highly Recommended

Use a Google Authenticator App or Authy App for generating 2FA tokens.

Google Authenticator App is linked to a single device, so if you lose it, you’ll end up losing all 2FA tokens.

Authy App is linked with your mobile number and can work on multiple devices at once, eg, your mobile, laptop, a backup mobile etc.