Performance Management

💡 All performance feedback is accessible to the rtCamper at all times.

Performance reflection at rtCamp takes place in various forms:

Fortnightly Feedback

  • All folks in their Probation Period receive feedback at a frequency of every 15 days.
  • This feedback is generally filled by Managers having new joiners reporting to them.
  • Managers receive a notification to submit this feedback through Keka that would be visible in their “INBOX” section after logging in to the platform.
  • The process to submit the feedback is exactly the same as Personal feedback, the only difference being the frequency of submission.
  • All rtCampers can also give feedback to us on our performance using the Giving Feedback module in the HRMS.

Continuous Feedback

  • In day-to-day working, there are multiple occasions on which feedback is shared and received with regard to the way work is carried out.
  • Although there is Quarterly Review, holding feedback until the end of the quarter is not ideal for an individual’s growth and development. This need to relay feedback in a timely manner is addressed through Continuous Feedback.
  • Continuous Feedback has 2 levels of visibility, depending on the nature of feedback as outlined below. Individuals can choose any one of the options that are relevant to their situation:
    • Praise is public feedback visible to the entire team
    • Personal feedback is constructive feedback that is private to the Manager and the recipient.

Quarterly Review

  • At end of every quarter, a review is set in motion, giving rtCamper and the manager a chance to reflect on the performance of the past quarter.
  • The performance will be evaluated against the job expectation
  • This is to help identify performance progress and gives an opportunity to address gaps/opportunities before the next evaluation. Thus ensuring performance is always trending upwards. 🙌

rtCampers can refer the the user-guides on the quarterly feedback modules below:

Annual Review (Salary Revisions)

A rtCamper becomes eligible for an Annual Review at the completion of a year (12 months) at rtCamp. Salary revisions at rtCamp are solely based on their individual performance and an increase in the compensation is not default. That being said, every rtCamper is eligible for an Annual Review by default.

You can refer to the Annual Review process to learn more.

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

A PIP is initiated when the individual is struggling to meet job role expectations or goals even after repeated communication of oversights. Continuous Personal Feedback and Quarterly Reviews become data points for initiating a PIP.

You can refer to the document on PIP Process to learn more.