Probation and Confirmation

rtCamp makes an effort to ensure that the hiring process serves the purpose of recruiting the most suited individuals for each open position. We also have an probation period for all new rtCampers to evaluate their performance and company fit during the early stages of their engagement.

💡 Although the probation period is of 6 months, new rtCampers demonstrating extraordinary skills and competencies may get confirmed sooner, as early as the first week itself!

Evaluation Criteria

At the end of the probation period (or possibly before that), the Reporting Manager will determine if the rtCamper will continue with rtCamp. This decision will be made by evaluating the following criteria:

  • The skills, competencies, and knowledge required for the job
  • The progress on given tasks
  • Reliability, trustworthiness, and other relevant attributes with regards to the functional role of the rtCamper
  • The collaboration and communication with stakeholders and other rtCampers

The progress of new rtCampers is recorded in the HRMS, and the outcome of the probation period is taken considering the continuous feedback the rtCamper receives during this period.

Possible Outcomes of the Probation Period

  1. Probation Confirmation: rtCamper engagement status is confirmed
  2. Probation Extension: Areas of improvement are shared with the rtCamper, and the probation period is extended to provide sufficient time to work on them.
  3. Separation: In case the feedback consistently indicates in the deliverables of the role not being met, the engagement is discontinued and offboarding of the rtCamper is initiated.
💡 In all cases, outcome of the probation period will be shared with the rtCamper over email along with supporting reasons for the decision.