Time Entry Policy

At rtCamp we work on a 5-Day work (Mon to Friday) week and Flexible hours model, with weekends being off.

💡 Time entry = Attendance

Time entries can be a mix of billable & non-billable time entries. For the purpose of attendance, we do not check the bifurcation of the type of time entry, only the total time logged in the system is referred.

Time entries help us understand each individual’s productivity which further helps us plan their workload and undertake upskilling activities over time.

Where to make Time Entries?

For time tracking purposes, we use Everhour. All rtCampers enter their work records here on a daily basis. Time records help the Delivery Team with visibility of every rtCampers time utilization, and project workload, and provide the HR Team with payroll inputs.

Initial Sign Up

  • The IT Team will send over an invite to your rtCamp email, covered under Your First Day.
  • After accepting the invite you will be prompted to update your personal details.
    • Please ensure the Name format matches the Full Name format used on your Slack profile
    • Visit your profile and set up a profile picture
  • You will be prompted to download the browser extension that is available. We recommend using it as it will provide a seamless and enhanced experience with Everhour.
  • Visit https://app.everhour.com/#/account/integrations/add and “Connect to GitHub”. This will be needed in order to add time entries on any tasks/repos available under rtCamp’s GitHub org.

Time Entries Process

Adding Time Entries

  • When working on any GitHub issues that are available on rtCamp org, you will be able to see the below sections beside every issue due to the browser extension being enabled
  • You can manually add the time entries for each task using “Add Time” or you can also use the “Start Timer” option.
  • When using the Timer, please remember to stop it when switching to the next task or signing off. Always add a description to the entry once the timer is stopped.
  • The Progress section indicates the estimates that have been set for the task along with the time added so far.
  • If a repo is not available for the task you are working on, the Project Manager will guide you to the tasks/projects created directly on Everhour. The remainder of the process for entering the time entries stays the same.
  • All time entries, manual and through the timer, should always be coupled with a task description.
  • All-time entries should be made towards the end of the same day.
  • The latest you can make them is the start of the next working day, which is usually 4 PM (local time). In the case of Friday or a holiday on the next day, the deadline would be the next working day at 4 PM.
💡 We strongly recommend adding time entries daily to avoid getting locked out of the system

Time Entry for Townhall

Ensure to add time entries when attending townhalls by clicking on either of the conditions that apply to you at the time.

  1. When attending beyond the full week’s assigned workload
  2. When attending within the weekly hours available

In case of any queries, please reach out to your respective manager.

Time Off

  • Everhour provides us with a basic leave management system, we use ERP for leave management. All the leaves should be requested via ERP’s Leave Module only.
  • Once approved, you can make the same entry on Everhour by following the below process.
  • Future date time-offs cannot be entered in EH, it is limited to making an entry for the current week.
  • Visit https://app.everhour.com/#/time, select the +icon against This Week and choose Add Time Off
  • Select the appropriate leave type basis the leave requested on ERP.
  • Select the appropriate date and duration (Full Day/Half Day).
  • Making the Time Off entry on EH ensures that all 40 hours of the week (8hrs per day) are accounted for prior to sending the Timesheet for approval.

Timesheet Approval


  • Once all the week’s time entries have been added, you can review the same one final time before sending for approval from here – https://app.everhour.com/#/time
  • If all looks well, select the Not Approved drop-down and submit it to an Approver that is assigned to you during your Everhour onboarding.
  • Approvers may not be the same as your Project Manager, hence, please have this confirmed at the time of onboarding.
  • Once the entries have been sent for approval, they will be locked and no further changes will be possible.
💡 All timesheets for the previous week must be sent over for approval latest by every Monday 1:00 PM IST.

Month End

  • In case a month-end appears mid-week, you will be requested to send over a partial timesheet for approval by selecting the specific month-end days.
  • Select the Not Approved drop-down, check-off Select days to approve and select the days to send over for approval.

Time entries and salary calculation relation

Weekly salary computations will be locked in by the HR Team based on the time entries present for each individual. In case any entries are found to be missing, an equivalent leave will need to be marked on ERP.

Missing time entries are always marked as Unpaid Time Off.

This makes it imperative to ensure daily time entries are added on Everhour, followed by the same being approved weekly. Back-dated time entry requests cannot be made to the PMs or HR Team.