Availing Business Travel Allowance

Approval of Estimates

  1. Begin by putting together an estimate of the overall expenses for the duration of your business stay.
  2. Based on the nature of your travel, you can pick either of the templates below and send your approval request.
  3. Please note, that any reservations or expenses should be made only after receiving approval for your travel.
  4. All approval requests should be addressed to your manager with [email protected] in CC.

Approval Request Format

1. For an event

Subject: [Approval Needed] Participate in <event Name>

Event name(s)Mention the events you would be attending
Event Link(s)
Event Dates
Travel Dates<Start Date> — <End Date>
PurposePlease write why you want to attend these events.
How rtCamp will benefit from the above event(s)?Please explain how your participation in the event will benefit at rtCamp. Speaking, organizing or volunteering at the event(s) is not enough value add for the company. Your attendance should help to hire, generate qualified leads, etc.
Any client meeting?Are you expecting to meet any existing or prospective clients at the event or during the same trip? Please provide details.
Budget RequestPlease provide a rough breakdown e.g.
• $800 for Flights
• $600 for hotels
• $200 for meals, taxis, incidentals
• $200 for client dinner & gifts
• $100 buffer
Total $1900

2. For client meets

Subject: [Approval Needed] Client Meeting with <Client Name>

Client Name(s)Mention the client names you would be meeting
CRM Link(s)
Travel Dates<Start Date> — <End Date>
Travel Destination<City Name>
<City Name2>
• Getting a new partnership that could result in $abc in one calendar year
• Closing a current ongoing new account deal worth $abc & LTV $xyz
• Getting additional business worth $abc from the existing client
How will we get these results?Examples:
• Present proposal to prospect new client’s leadership/decision makers.
• Have been discussing requirements with current client and now need to present to their leadership for a final push and get approvals
• Presenting rtCamp value with a channel partner to a prospective client
Budget requestPlease provide a rough breakdown e.g.
• $800 for Flights
• $600 for hotels
• $200 for meals, taxis, incidentals
• $200 for client dinner & gifts
• $100 buffer
Total $1900

Submitting Receipts

  1. All reimbursements will be processed only when coupled with the expense receipt/invoice.
  2. The reimbursement requests should be sent to [email protected] within 40 days of concluding the business travel.
  3. Soft copies of invoices are acceptable, they should be gathered in a folder on your personal drive with view access to [email protected].
  4. Along with an invoice, it is necessary to provide a spreadsheet summary of expenses as shown below.
DateExpenseAmountReceipt LinkComments