Remote Working Toolkit


  • Try to find a good place to work in. Ideally with not too much background noise and also possible a nice well-lit ventilated space.
  • An ergonomic setup with a comfortable chair and a desk can help.
  • Get a stable internet connection with speeds enough to seamlessly handle video calls and provide a smooth browsing experience.
  • Having a backup connection is always helpful as you won’t be left stranded in case you face issues with your main connection.

Work and Personal Time Separation

  • Try to separate your work and personal time as far as possible. Avoid trying to watch a popular Netflix show while pushing code
  • If you can, avoid working from your bed or bedroom. This may feel very unproductive and the space between your personal time and work time starts to merge which can be unhealthy.


  • A good quality headset that is equipped with a microphone and noise cancellation to make calls hassle-free.
  • A good lighting setup at your workstation is very important not only for video calls but it also prevents straining your eyes too much.


  • Work at regular hours. While many rtCampers have time flexibility, it usually helps to be more functional if you keep the same work times every day.
  • Stay hydrated. Always keep a bottle of water next to you.
  • Create small routines to begin work and to close your work day.