Organisation Structure

rtCamp’s organisation structure has three pillars (Divisions). Irrespective of your role, rtCampers work in teams below.

  • People —  HR, Accounts, Ops, L&D
  • Growth  — Sales, CAM, Marketing
  • Delivery — PM, Engineering, QA, Sys, Design


Having stressed the roundtable culture, we also have a level of formal hierarchy, at rtCamp, consisting of Managers, CxOs, etc.

A well-defined hierarchy is required as it helps in the flow of information and improves operational efficiency.

Round Table

Have a look at the picture on the right, it illustrates the roundtable culture. In this picture, are European industrialists holding different positions, and sitting around a roundtable.

All of the people have different experience levels and skills but have an equal voice.

European Industrialists around a roundtable
European Industrialists around a roundtable

Furthermore, everyone at the table is sitting on the same level, symbolizing that nobody’s opinion is more important than anyone else’s.

rtCampers are encouraged, even expected to voice their opinions about anything that is important to them. You can give and take feedback from anyone in the organization, regarding the same.

Service Structure

Being a service-based company, every project that rtCamp engages in has some key components – Management, Technology, Consultancy, and Development.

Each of our projects is divided into these aspects because of the scale, complexity, and personalisation we provide to our clients. Let’s look into these in detail —


The management of a project is handled by a Project Manager (PM), who is also a mediator between rtCamp and a client. A Project Manager works under the guidance of the Chief Delivery Officer to enforce timelines, keep communication open and make sure that the expected deliverables are at par with rtCamp’s quality guidelines.


Complex engineering decisions are critical to the success of a project. These are handled by Engineering Managers in rtCamp, bringing the skills and experience required to support our deliverables.


Consultancy is either led Project Manager or Special Consultants. Consultancy involves scrutinizing and understanding the client, their business model, organizational goals, competitions, potential roadblocks etc. Consultancy helps in providing clients with the best possible solutions.

Our handcrafted motto, “We provide well-researched and feasible solutions that, simply put, make the clients happy” fits the best here.


Developers (& Quality Team) are the rockstars that make the magic happen. They work under the guidance of the Project Manager to create the client’s vision of the project – one line of code at a time.

Learning from your team

If you come across any issue, don’t hesitate to look up a solution, ask your teammates, or approach your Project Manager for help.

At the end of each day, you’d report back to your Project Manager with the progress you’ve made, and any obstacles you’ve faced in your plan of action.

Every work in every department has a learning curve, encourage rtCampers seek help as necessary. If there is something that is hindering your progress, make sure you pass that feedback and allow rtCamp to support you better.