Device Discount Policy

💡 As part of our efforts to control expenses, all benefits other than Laptops have been PAUSED w.e.f 1st April 2023 until further notice. Please take note before making any new purchases.


  • A benefit extended to all rtCampers on their joining.
  • On the purchase of devices or products from the cashback categories (mentioned later on this page), you will be eligible to receive 50% cashback as an incentive/bonus immediately in your upcoming paycheck.
  • The rtCamper will be the proud owner of the product from the time of purchase. The device/product will remain with you forever.
  • Every rtCamper is eligible to use this benefit. No conditions apply. 😉

Claiming Process

The device purchase must be communicated to the HR Team by

  • Raising a Helpdesk Ticket on Keka. (Me > Helpdesk > My Tickets > New Ticket > Device Discount Policy)
  • Requests can be processed only when supported with a purchase invoice. The invoice should contain the name of the rtCamper, the total amount, and the date.
  • The invoices must be submitted to the HR Team within a maximum of 15 calendar days from purchase. Failure to do so will result in the lapse of benefits.

Cashback Slabs

Cashback will be the actual 50% cost of the device purchase or the below-mentioned limit for the respective category, whichever is lower.

CategoryMaximum CashbackStatus
Laptop/Desktop + Extended Insurance+ Connectors (eg. USB C Hub)US$1000 or ₹75500No Change
HeadphonesUS$50 or ₹3775Paused
MonitorUS$150 or ₹11325Paused
KeyboardUS$50 or ₹3775Paused
Mouse/TrackpadUS$50 or ₹3775Paused
WebcamUS$50 or ₹3775Paused
Table (Furniture)US$100 or ₹7550Paused
Chair (Furniture)US$100 or ₹7550Paused
Laptop Stand/Standing DeskUS$50 or ₹3775Paused
Table Lamp or other light sourcesUS$50 or ₹3775Paused
Neck/back support (for comfort)US$50 or ₹3775Paused
Inverter (Power Backup)US$150 or ₹11325Paused
Docking station (for external monitor)US$100 or ₹7550Paused

Terms and Conditions

  • All rtCampers can claim this policy from their very first day of joining.
  • Your cashback will be subject to local tax.
  • The cool-off period between the purchase of devices of the same category is 3 years. Except for Headphones, the cool-off period is 2 years.
    • For folks issued a company assets, benefits can be availed after completion of the category’s cool-off period since the date of issue.
  • If the rtCamper exits (separates) from the organization for any reason, within 12 months of the date on which the invoice has been sent to the HR Team, the entire cashback will be deducted/reversed from the last paycheck/invoice/Full and Final Settlement.
  • The products purchased under this benefit should be for the rtCamper’s use only.

Note for new rtCampers

If you have completed less than 6 months with rtCamp, you will still receive the same benefits with the terms outlined in the document considering your device’s actual date of purchase. The only exceptions will be

  • No benefits will be processed in case of exit/separation from rtCamp before the scheduled payout date.
  • You will receive 50% cashback after the completion of 6 months/confirmation with rtCamp.