Work Timings

Flexible hours

  • All rtCampers receive flexible working arrangements that help them manage work, family and personal obligations effectively. A good work-life balance is important to stay happy.
  • We expect 40 hours per week to be put forth to work, you are free to choose your work timings.
  • rtCampers should loop in their Manager about preferred work timings at the start of the tenure, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Taking breaks

rtCamp is a globally distributed team of over 180 talented individuals. Each of us has flexible work timings, and we design our own schedules to ensure we stay productive.

You do not need to inform anyone or seek permission to take a break during the day. We only expect that you:

  • Update your Slack status when away and add a tentative time of your return
  • Keep your tasks and stakeholders updated on your progress
  • Be present for scheduled meetings, or drop a note to the attendees in case you can’t make it due to something urgent

Exceptions to flexible work

On some occasions, the nature of your work and responsibilities may not support flexible hours. Situations in which the flexible hours policy may not be applicable include:

  • Your preferred work timings are not in alignment with the project requirements, thereby affecting your productivity.
  • You are in your training period or have dependencies on other rtCampers


  • The goal is to complete 8 working hours/day which will lead to our 40 hours/week. Productivity is tracked through time entries on Everhour.
  • These 8 hours need not be completed in a stretch and taking breaks in between work to maintain a healthy lifestyle is always encouraged.


At rtCamp, we do not work on weekends i.e. Saturdays and Sundays.

If you are wondering whether you can drop a message on a weekend, the answer is – Sure, if your message contains food recommendations you can happily drop a message on #watercooler or our Whatsapp group and rtCampers will gladly jump on the conversation.


  • Time allocated by rtCampers towards their work more than the agreed hours will be compensated as Overtime.
  • We have an elaborate document on Overtime Policy, that can help you understand this topic better.
  • In a nutshell, only overtime that is pre-approved by your Project Manager is compensated.

Links: Overtime Policy