Know Your Human Resources Team

Nicol Fernandes

Hey there, I’m Nicol, an employee first Human Resources professional with nearly half a decade of experience in the field. I’ve always found humans to be fascinating, even more so the human mind, so I spent 5 years of my life studying Psychology, and specialized in Industrial Psychology, which aims to study & understand people in the workplace.

I simply love what I do and want to contribute in every way I can to enhance employee experience, job satisfaction levels, work-life balance and good things like this. If you have any suggestions, areas of improvements, or just want to chat, reach out to me on Slack: Nicol Fernandes.

Keeping that persona aside, I love keeping my notepad full of tiny articles, poems, some shayaris as well, it’s high time I post more on my blog, but I’ll fight that battle with myself later✍. I try to find time to be a motorcycle enthusiast on some weekends and be the cliché beach loving tourist when I’m on leave 🏍.

Aanchal Singh

Hey! I’m Aanchal, I bring in three years of experience in Human Resources. Throughout my career, I have been drawn to opportunities where I can be highly organized and detail-oriented. Whether it’s refining our HR processes, supporting our amazing team members, or strategizing for the future, I’m passionate about building an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

Outside of work, you’ll most likely find me exploring the culinary world. 🍽 I love trying out different cuisines and experimenting in the kitchen. If I could, I’d spend all day cooking and baking! Hosting dinners and sharing delicious food with friends and family is something I truly enjoy.

If you need any HR assistance, have suggestions or simply want to chat about food and cooking tips, reach out to me on Slack: Aanchal Singh.

Dimpal Khandelwal

Hey Folks, I’m Dimpal. I come with 2 years of Recruitment + Human Resource experience. I’m excited to be here and can’t wait to connect with all of you.

I enjoy interacting with individuals. When I’m not working, you can probably find me in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes or curled up with a good fantasy novel (the more dragons, the better!🐉)

I’m always looking for new recipe recommendations or book suggestions, so feel free to strike up a conversation if you share those interests! I have written a Novel which is also published on Wattpad application.

I’m looking forward to getting to know each of you and support you in any way I can. Feel free to say hi if you see me around. If you have any questions, big or small you can reach out to me via Slack: Dimpal Khandelwal.

Aishwarya Chavan

I’m excited to introduce myself and become a part of this fantastic team. With three years of experience in recruitment, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting talented individuals with the right opportunities, and I’m thrilled to bring that expertise here.

Outside of work, you’ll often find me with my nose buried in a book 📗, exploring new worlds and perspectives. I’m also incredibly passionate about people and thrive on interactions that spark creativity and collaboration.

I’m here to support our business units in achieving their hiring goals, whether it’s finding the perfect fit for a role or brainstorming innovative recruitment strategies. I’m looking forward to collaborating with each of you and contributing to our shared success.

Whether it’s for a chat about the latest bestseller or to discuss our next recruitment initiative, let’s connect. Let’s make great things happen together! Please feel free to reach out anytime on Slack: Aishwarya Chavan.